What is Graphic Design?

WAHS COMMERCIAL AND ADVERTISING ART: A comprehensive program of study that covers the many aspects involved in the visual field of Commercial Art/Graphic Design. Students will learn the design process from the initial concept to the printed page. Students will learn safety, drawing, illustration, color theory, digital imaging, design, layout, production, typography, digital photography, and professional preparation through real world projects that allow students to showcase their creativity and technical skills. The Commercial Art/Graphic Design classroom features an iMac lab utilizing state-of-the-art software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Students learn to draw and the basic operations of Illustrator and Photoshop in Commercial Art I, hone their skills even further with the software in Commercial Art II with an introduction to InDesign and learn digital photography and portfolio preparation in Level III. As part of the course, digital photography and digital imaging are explored as well. Information is presented to guide the student towards further education and/or employment opportunities after graduation. Over the course of the program, a portfolio will be developed which includes examples of the student’s best works.

The WAHS Commercial Art program consists of the following courses:


Emphasis will be placed on learning the elements and principles of design, lettering, basic drawing skills, color, perspective, typography and creativity. Students will be introduced to the basic components of Adobe’s graphic design software.


Design skills are used in the areas of advertising and design, illustration, page layout, computer graphics and digital imaging. Students will continue to enhance drawing skills and be introduced to various drawing mediums.


In addition to continuing the study of design and enhancing learned skills, students will study digital photography, color separation, digital file preparation and output, and portfolio preparation. Students will learn intermediate and advanced components of Adobe’s graphic design software. Students may have opportunities to participate in job shadowing experiences and the school co-op program.